To Russia With Love | Down East Magazine

Dear Friends Of The Barn,

We have been working hard to reformat and share with you as much archival print and video material as possible. It is a slow process, and there is quite a bit of material.

Down East Magazine is one the most prominent publications in the state of Maine. It has a wide readership way beyond the tate of Maine and beyond our United States. In 1987 they featured Walter Nowick and the Surry Opera Company, with a very nice photo essay spread which included this iconic photo of Walter behind the Surry Opera sign, in the snow, with his Russian hat. The photo alone captures Walter’s beaming spirit, his huge hands, and his charismatic smile.

The well written article depicts in words the early adventures and dear connections that Walter made possible. As one of the chorus members of the Surry Opera company and a participant in all the festival tours, I think I speak for myself as well as others when I say those experiences moved us deeply and opened up new dimensions and connections.

With the help of the Down East Magazine’s editorial staff, we are able to digitize it and share it with you. We welcome your comments and wish you a very nice weekend. From all of us at the Barn, enjoy this blast from the past!

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