Surry arts and events, is both new and old. Its roots go back to 1965, when the very gifted and visionary Walter Nowick first began an international series of concerts with young Japanese students and professional musicians. In the 1980’s, the Surry Opera Company, which was based in the same iconic coastal Maine Barn, became internationally known by way of photo essay articles in the New York Times, People magazine, Down East Magazine, and major network TV news coverage.

In 2015, we revitalized the Barn and expanded upon the range of music and artistic offerings and rebranded the name as Surry Arts and Events at the Barn. We are a community resource with international and cross-cultural outreach. The Barn now features a classical, jazz, and singer-songwriter series of music. In addition, we have branched out into dance, other ethnic musical genres, films, community dinners, art exhibitions, and more.

Please see above for a short film about Surry Arts, created by the talented Drew Beasley. 

In addition, there are cottages with beautiful views for accommodation in the property. The cottages and the entire property are in walking distance of the bay and ocean waters and conveniently located close to Acadia National Park, a wide range of culture, hiking, excellent restaurants, microbrews and more. 




  1. Awesome place and great concert with Mark Tipton & Carl & Beau last night.

    I really enjoyed the music.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment Lee! Much appreciated. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Barn in the near future.

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