COVID-19 Update

Dear Attendees and Performers – Past, Present, and Future:

We sincerely hope you are well and finding the best possible ways to cope with our new COVID-19 realities.

We have been planning, discussing, scheduling, altering, and adjusting in all ways to the ebb and flow of updates and guidelines from the governor of the state of Maine, and the realities with boots on the ground here at the Barn and on the farm.

We want to involve you as much as possible in our decision making process and we greatly appreciate your thoughts and your input.

At this point, for everyone’s safety, we have cancelled our June 2020 programs. We are leaving the door open for July, August, and September. That decision will be made at some point later in June.

We are hoping to still offer an abbreviated season with a limited seating capacity, perhaps of 25 or less, that would allow distancing and best practices. We are considering having audience members wear face masks, but that has yet to be decided. The 6-foot guideline seems like a “no-brainer”.

We will send out a letter to performers to gather their viewpoints. Once again, we welcome your thoughts, wish you well, and please stay tuned. We will send out another update before mid-June.


Alan and Merle (and the summer gang here at the Barn)